Preserving our Past

Preserving our Past

Having upheld a number of local crafts, such as ralli , kantha , chikankari , block printing, smocking, cutwork, cross-stitch, phulkari , taarkashi , crochet and knitting – art forms which are deeply embedded in the history in the subcontinent – Behbud has paved the way for tradition to sustain itself through the erratic, technologically-driven times of the modern world.

Working with women artisans in some of Pakistan’s remotest urban slums since our origin – over 50 years ago – we have not only honed the skills of local craftswomen, 

but have also instilled the art of the craft in those without any prior knowledge or experience in traditional hand embroideries and needlework.

Through comprehensive training and in-depth workshops at Behbud’s training centres, we have incorporated a traditional skill-set of local embroideries and infused it with a rich, contemporary aesthetic. And for years, this has been Behbud’s primary goal; to continuously bring innovation to the palette of local fashion and design to keep up with the times.

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