Smocking – Legacy of a Colonial Past

Situated in the historical village of Saidpur in Islamabad, Behbud’s Saidpur skill development centre dedicates itself to the craft of smocking, where women are taught how to pick colour combinations, the right motifs and of course, how to execute the craft of smocking. Our collection of children’s clothing, mainly featuring the craft of smocking across the bodice, sleeves and neckline are repeated best sellers.

Strictly following the original technique of smocking, our artisans have helped preserve this ancient European art form by producing pieces at par with any international fashion brands.

Currently with over 300 home-based workers, the Saidpur centre has seen an influx of young women over the years who have been encouraged to learn the craft of smocking just like the many artisans before them. Through this vintage craft, we have been able to transform the village of Saidpur, by

imparting skills to women and providing employment through its centre.

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