Largest Hand Embroideries Unit in Pakistan

Behbud Association’s headquarters, set in the heart of Rawalpindi, is one of the largest hand embroidery units in Pakistan. With a systematic recruitment process in place, we formally evaluate each individual woman’s craft know-how and artistic interests, and consequently begin a thorough training process for skill enhancement and refinement.

Located in the urban slums of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Behbud’s 15 skill development centres provide training in hand embroidery and needlework to women restricted to their homes and villages. Lasting anywhere between three to six months (and at times extending up to a year), these vocational trainings allow women to work independently or have the opportunity to officially begin working with Behbud as home-based workers, where clothing and crafts can be produced on a monthly basis as per each women’s ability.

 In this way, as and when work is completed, wages are dispatched to its home-based workers on a monthly basis.
Upon completion by the artisans, the fabric is stitched into ensembles and home textiles and sold at our stores across the country and the online shop.

As the in-charge of the Industrial Hall, my work entails quality control of all items before they’re put up for sale. Being at Behbud for over three fulfilling decades, I can safely say that this organization has given my life a sense of purpose.

Surraiya Mateen,
Co-Chairperson and Industrial Home in-charge
Behbud, Rawalpindi

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