Ralli – An ancient quilting tradition

Striving to keep the craft relevant in local fashion and most importantly, profitable for our artisans, we have innovated an ancient craft of quilting Ralli into wearable fashion. Our clothing line of Ralli pieces incorporate skirts, saris, jackets and ready to wear kurtas and accessories. However, we also continue to make bespoke ralli home textiles with contemporary motifs.

Tailor-making traditional ralli designs, we have innovate patterns that strike a balance between traditional and modern motifs for a fresh look by experimenting with classic geometric and floral designs.

Given our innovation in ready-to-wear ralli clothing, a garment can be made in a shorter time period as compared to an elaborate ralli quilt. Therefore, our home-based ralli workers – which comprise over 900 artisans – can take on additional assignments and in this way, earn more.

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