Phulkari – The Flower Craft

Phulkari , meaning ‘flower craft,’ is a unique form of embroidery because it is done on the rough side of the fabric to ensure that the work stands out, the phulkari technique generally consists of darning stitches in vertical, horizontal and diagonal patterns. Behbud’s Skill Development Centre in Swat, inaugurated in 2019, exclusively works with over 400 phulkari artisans, an important step towards the preservation of the craft. More local artisans are encouraged to join the centre to enhance their skills and begin working on commissioned pieces for Behbud. While phulkari was once only restricted to special events, due to the cost and time-consuming element associated with the making of extravagant one-off pieces, we adapted phulkari into daily wear fashion that can be worn all year round. From hand-woven jackets, to kotis , kurtas and shawls, our phulkari collection combines a feel of vintage festivity and modern design.

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