Knitting – A Craft Spanning Centuries

At the heart of Behbud’s work in the preservation and uplift of hand embroideries lies the craft of knitting. Having employed widows of deceased soldiers in the aftermath of the 1965 war, Behbud wanted to give them a sense of confidence and hope again. Thus began the process of hand-knitted scarves and socks, which would eventually become one of the most special, long-running crafts carried forward from our early days.

Today, made by artisans at a separate department catering to the craft of knitting at the Industrial Home, our endearing collection of knitwear pieces have been dressing generations of children over the years.

From knitted baby blankets made with care to provide warmth and comfort for a newborn’s most sensitive months, an entire range of sweaters and rompers for toddlers, and the softest woolen booties for infants, our classic knitwear line also includes an assortment of charming woolen toys.

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