Maternal and Children Healthcare

We approach the subject of women’s health in a sensitive manner. This is because sexual and reproductive health is often considered taboo subjects due to a lack of awareness and guidance. It is for this reason that primary and reproductive healthcare has always been one of our greatest missions in women empowerment.

By providing free consultations by volunteer doctors, medication, health awareness sessions and campaigns, we work closely with religious leaders of communities to gain trust and acceptance for our endeavors.

Today, the health complex at our headquarters in Rawalpindi, houses a state-of-the-art laboratory, a dental clinic, a pharmacy and an eye clinic, in addition to a bevy of senior specialist doctors volunteering at the complex on a regular basis. Providing treatment for its artisans, their families and the general public, the Behbud Health Complex also comprises of a mental health clinic for women in dire need of psychotherapy.  

“For them to go to government hospitals is time-consuming and costly. At the complex, we sometimes see 80-90 patients a day, compared to state hospitals which are always choc-a-block full. Patients receive personal care and unhurried treatment here.”

Dr. Surraya Wajahat Latif – Chairperson Behbud Health Committee


With plans in the pipeline for the launch of a full-scale hospital, specifically targeted towards mother and child healthcare, we continue our abiding mission for improved maternal health in a country where child mortality still continues to remain in an abysmal state.

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