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Our Women

When you enable a woman to become financially independent, you empower her socially and politically too. Every penny earned by her is spent on her home and educating her children. The impact is instant.

For over half a century now, Behbud has been faithfully working towards the economic empowerment of women from the most overlooked communities in Pakistan.

Inspirational Stories

Our Volunteers

For a homegrown non-profit, this life-force of volunteerism is not only remarkable but also unique to Behbud. While similar organisations are compelled to hire full-time employees, hence requiring more capital to stay afloat, we run purely on the spirit of humanitarianism by those whose only motive is to ‘give back.’

Recognizing potential volunteers and encouraging them to become a part of Behbud, has been vital for building a like-minded community of women who believe in the power of service.

Today the organisation has a 24-member all-women executive committee of full-time volunteers consisting of distinguished policy-makers, activists, humanitarians, doctors and professionals.

Inspirational Stories

Master Trainers

At Behbud, working closely as a team, the rapport between each supervisor and home-based worker is a special one. Both having emerged from unimaginably trying circumstances, there is a certain, shared sisterhood that is established as each craftswoman begins interacting with her assigned supervisor, who gently guides her through the process of craft and creation. This in turn gives her a sense of courage and confidence to step out to seek a better life for herself and her children.

Instructed in time management so that deadlines are met and household chores don’t take a backseat, family incomes are strengthened as the woman now has a new avenue for earning.

Becoming active participants in their family’s decision-making process, the grip of patriarchy is gradually unraveled and replaced with a newfound sense of female emancipation.

Inspirational Stories

The Artisans

Through our all-embracing skill development programs, we have continued to champion women into becoming active members of society, who now stand with pride and self-confidence.Till date, we have trained approximately 300,000 women and currently employ more than 5,000 home-based workers in traditional needlework at our Industrial Home in Rawalpindi.

Through our home-based worker program, we have tapped into all-women committees in inner-city slums and villages, by spearheading literacy drives, cleanliness campaigns, youth clubs and educational workshops to spread awareness and provide the marginalized with a chance to change their destinies.

Strictly following the original technique of each needlework, our women artisans have helped preserve ancient craft forms by producing pieces at par with many international fashion brands.

Inspirational Stories

Community Leaders

With a discerning eye and a true understanding of a community’s standing, our community workers cut to the very heart of what steps need to be taken for transformation and progress. Be it demanding basic necessities, playing the role of mediators, or stepping in as counselors and friends, these community workers empower women not just by their presence, but most importantly, through one of their greatest missions: mobilizing women for real impact.
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