Success Stories

Ruby’s Story – A Source of Inspiration to Young Minds

Farhana Ruby used to pretend she was teaching a roomful of students as a young girl instead of playing with dolls.

She currently teaches Computer Science to grades 1st – 7th at the Behbud Model School in Rawalpindi.

Inspired by her sisters who studied at the Federal Government School (Metric), she then pursued studies at the PAF Government College for Women, where her professor, Sir Bashir, encouraged her to do coursework in Computer Science.  Her family was very supportive of her education, and were able to send her to get a post-graduate degree at the College of Education and Teacher Training at the Chaklala Base in Rawalpindi.

The reason why her story is amazing is that she chose to teach children who were not afforded the same opportunities she had in terms of obtaining access to higher education.  She was familiar with the Behbud Model School as her own sisters attended classes here.  She decided to send her CV to them, and was hired immediately.  Her love of teaching, combined with her skills in computer science were a perfect match for the school which was in great need of a computer science teacher.

Most of these children have never seen a computer or program before.  They are so fascinated and hungry to learn, which makes my job even more rewarding.

Farhana has been teaching since 2008.  Behbud gave her the opportunity to help change lives of young girls and boys, to show them they too could be successful and move on to college and post-graduate studies, have a livelihood and be inspirational to other young people.

She teaches children of all ages and loves to see them so excited to learn how computers can help them learn so much.