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Behbud“, means ‘advancement’. It is a name which stands for support and strength for women. It was conceived and founded by Mrs. Akhtar Riazuddin, with the help of a small group of volunteers in 1967. Operating out of a member’s home in a congested area of Rawalpindi, Behbud has grown into a national institution in the last 47 years.



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Our Story

The work began with the rehabilitation of the 1965 war victims, refugees, the destitute and disabled, in conjunction with a small industrial home and dispensary. Within the first seven years, Behbud Rawalpindi evolved into a national, multi-functional, non-profit, non-political organization with the objective of working for the socio-economic empowerment of underprivileged people in the major cities of Pakistan.
In it’s initial years of struggle, Behbud carried on its various projects in huts, hired rooms and garages because it believed in maximum cost-benefit ratio. The Head Office later expanded from Rawalpindi/Islamabad to the other major cities.
Behbud stands for ‘poverty alleviation’ for the betterment of the life of the underprivileged with its programmes being geared towards such objectives.

Why Behbud?

Behbud catalyses lasting change, creating an ecosystem in which the poor have the chance to seize control of their own lives. We do this with a holistic development approach geared toward inclusion, using tools like education, healthcare, legal advocacy, community empowerment, social enterprises for women’s economic self-sufficiency and empowerment. The achievements and successes of Behbud can be directly attributed to the hard work and dedication of it’s two generations of volunteers and it’s founder’s passionate commitment to the human welfare of Pakistan’s most underprivileged communities and women.

Behbud is a pioneer of Pakistan’s NGOs and has enjoyed it’s long almost 50 year history alongside it’s reputation as a partner in working towards poverty alleviation and community development through it’s sustained efforts.


A short documentary about Behbud

Behbud Association Pakistan is volunteer run, non-profit NGO, providing socio-economic and development programs to help alleviate poverty in marginalized communities of Pakistan.  Behbud, Rawalpindi and it’s fundraising arm, Behbud Association, USA Inc. empower women by providing vocational training to help them become self-sufficient, respected breadwinners.  The children growing up in the urban slums of Rawalpindi and Islamabad get an opportunity to go to school at the ‘home schools’ run by Behbud. Healthcare for those who cannot afford to receive basic medical needs is provided to anyone who comes to the Behbud center. 

Learn more about how Behbud helps those in need through our many programs in our documentary.

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The Behbud Difference: Providing services for all areas of development


Basic healthcare services are provided at the Head Office in Rawalpindi.  The number of patients seen in 2001 to 2010 nearly doubled.  Special diabetes, hypertension, family planning, mental health and dental clinics provide much needed services.

Women’s Empowerment

Supporting women through Behbud’s skills and vocational training centers enables them to earn a living, translating into respect and dignity in their households and community.  Realizing the importance of education more women send their children to school, while Behbud’s community advocacy programs help them become agents of change.


Behbud Association Pakistan operates 8 schools in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, which include the Behbud Model School, and six Home Schools located in the urban slums, and the Saidpur School, providing education for over 1000 students. 

Vocational Training

The Industrial Vocational Center in Rawalpindi provides opportunities to the thousands of women workers who train at the facility.  Women learn craft, sewing and vocational skills at the skills centers, and has trained over 100,000 home based women workers (HBWW), spanning four generations.  Their work generates income and uplifts them financially.

Community Development

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung of Germany ( has helped Behbud in community development projects since 1996. In 2008, Behbud initiated an Advocacy Project, with the support of KAS. Its main focus is on empowering women. 

Disaster Relief

Assistance and rehabilitation is a founding principle of Behbud, and we have provided financial and in kind assistance in many natural disasters over the years.More recently in the October 2005 Earthquake and the devastating 2010 Floods, where Behbud helped restore damaged homes, provided food, shelter, water and healthcare. 

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Support our programs to educate children who would be otherwise on the streets, if not for the Behbud schools.

Your contributions provide vocational training for women, so that the skills they learn, translate into earnings, self-sufficiency and a sense of dignity.

Make an impact by providing medication for those who cannot afford life-saving insulin to treat their diabetes.


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