How We Help

Behbud’s programs span a large spectrum, where each program has significant impact on development on economic, social, health and educational sectors.  As evidenced by our specific efforts identified below, each program empowers women and children, by strengthening their entire communities and ultimately changing lives.



The facilities available include:

  • General Practice & Pediatric care (free General Practice is conducted six days a week by qualified doctors).
  • Diabetes & Hypertension Clinics
  • Family Planning Services
  • Rural Healthcare provided via Mobile Vans
  • Ultrasound and Diagnostics Labs
  • Dental Healthcare
  • Mental Health Services
For a detailed report on Behbud’s Healthcare services, you can read the Health Report.










Six of Behbud’s schools are Primary level ‘Home Schools’ situated in the urban slums of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. One Primary School is located in Saidpur Village, Islamabad. One High School is in Rawalpindi—making a total of 8 schools with a total student population of approximately 1400 children which are served by Behbud Education Program.

To learn more about the specific schools and Behbud’s ongoing Education Program you can view the Behbud USA Annual Report under the ‘Education’ sections: Annual Report 2012 and Annual Report 2013.



Women’s Empowerment









This initiative strengthens the socio-economic empowerment of women enabling them to play a more constructive role. Behbud trains the women and then employs them, which in turn generates income for them and uplifts them financially, resulting in greater self-esteem and a skill in hand which can sustain them for life.

To learn more about the specific schools and Behbud’s ongoing achievements and budget information you can view the Behbud Association of Pakistan’s Industrial Home Reports for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.



Disaster Relief







Behbud was instrumental in providing resources for helping especially those affected by the earthquakes of 1970, 2005, the floods of 2010, as well as the  Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) situation resulting from these calamities. It played its role in the enormous task of restoring damaged homes and infrastructure, and provided shelter, food, water and healthcare to a large number of those affected by these natural disasters.



Community Development








The “Behbud-KAS” (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung) Advocacy Project has been working to create awareness among underprivileged women on health and legal issues they confront in their daily lives. Workshops are conducted in various communities to help them to develop their skills and become agents of change in their own spheres of influence.

The target audience consists of women who are illiterate or semi-literate and live in under privileged communities. They lack the exposure and opportunity to access accurate and updated information, the Advocacy Project attempts to fill this vacuum.

You can learn more about the Behbud-KAS Partnership and about the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Foundation in these reports.  Additionally, you can visit the partner website here and here.


Saidpur Project

Behbud Center, Saidpur Village, Islamabad







It comprises of a Primary School for underprivileged children which currently enrolls over 350 children and is run on sponsorship and donations.  It also has a Computer Lab with computers donated by the Embassy of Norway.  There are also computer classes held at the lab.  Additionally, a Vocational Training Center and our Masala (spices) Project is also located at the Saidpur Village, which helps generate income for women.  A dispensary also helps the local dwellers obtain much needed basic medicines.



Cafe Behbud

Cafe Behbud F-6 Supermarket








The Café is administered by a team of Behbud volunteers who manage the hired staff on a daily basis and make sure that the Café is run in a professional manner. People can book for exhibitions and private celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just a friendly get together. Some fundraising events of Behbud are also held in this charming Café.  After expenses net proceeds from the Café fund Behbud projects.



Behbud Boutique

Cafe Behbud and Behbud Boutique,Islamabad







The proceeds from the sales of all items at the Boutique, located in Islamabad’s F-6 Market, benefit these same Home Based Women Workers who produce the beautiful handicrafts. The proceeds also support existing vocational centers and funds the opening of new centers in other areas surrounding Rawalpindi and Islamabad.