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Behbud Golra Home School

The power of local youth + charities collaborating = Progress!

As a community service, Team Raising Hopes, made up of students and faculty of Iqra University, Islamabad, raised funds for renovating a Behbud Home School located in Golra, on the outskirts of Islamabad. When Behbud started the school, it was not in good shape and we were wondering where we will raise funds from to fix it.

Fortunately for the students at Golra, Team Raising Hopes appeared on the scene! They raised funds through their own means and worked tirelessly in revamping the look of the school. The pictures here are a photographic evidence of their hard work. They have done steller job and have been terribly creative, making the school an inviting place of learning. Behbud Association, and in particular the Education Committee expresses heartfelt thanks to the Team Raising Hopes of Iqra University for their service in giving back to the community.

It has been an absolutely wonderful group of students —- it has been a joy to work with them. Behbud wishes them every success in their future endeavors. We need more like them to carry us forward. THANK YOU!!!

GolraSchool_Classroom  golraschool3        1491435_725197517509733_822772290_o  golraschool2