Success Stories

Amna’s Story – Giving Back and Changing Lives

Behbud has provided two generations of her family with a chance to succeed by having the opportunity to get an education which has enabled them all to provide financial support for their families and teach by example, the value of education.

Amna Malik teaches English and Math to 1st and 2nd graders at the Behbud Model School in Rawalpindi.  She also teaches Social Studies to older children in the 6th and 7th grades.  She attended the Model School, and as did all three of her brothers, who are successful chartered accountants, and herself, an educator.

Having attended the school herself from Nursery to 8th grade, she had fond memories of being a student and getting the opportunity to learn so many subjects.

My inspiration was my 1st grade teacher, Madam Nazeer who believed that the burden of learning was on the children and not the parents, which is what made me strive for success on my own.

She said it helped her foster creativity and also feel she could accomplish anything if she tried learning different things.

She insists that “at Behbud Model School, the approach is very holistic and you are given a good base to learn an get inspired by creativity in all subjects”, and that is what got her interested in so many subjects and why she teaches four different topics of instruction.  After graduating from the Model School, she obtained her Teaching Certificate from the local Government School after 4 years.

A testament to her dedication and belief in the power of education and the quality of the Behbud Model School, she now sends her own children here, with her son in 4th grade and daughter in 1st grade.

She says all the children are very excited about learning at Behbud, and she is grateful to have not only attended the school as a student, but now, as a teacher, giving back to her own community and helping them realize their potential.